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James Lowry sent a message to Craig Menear that said:

To whom it may concern,

and I have a feeling that is not many.

I am going to be cancelling all ties with The Home Depot very soon after the massive misinformation, lies and lack of communication concerning and order, again.

A major appliance order with a slight zip code issue, one digit off, adjoining areas, same city, because the software automatically inserts the stores zip for an appliance order.

If it is there, perhaps I so somehow missed it. Fine, lets not use any common sense about it though. Did git get a call two days prior to the estimated delivery date, and after 20 or so minutes on the phone they told me the issue was corrected and the delivery date is good.

Then, no call, no information and no delivery!

Then I call ANOTHER HD Associate and I am told they cannot change the zip. Hmm. An hour later on hold, someone else tells me it was changed and the delivery was pushed out another day, but no call to tell me.

No, I did not get a confirming call to set a time for receive, that is not my job to do. But I was told it would be same day that was on the books for 10 days now.

I call, and ask about when, and am told all this conflicting information.

It is a huge disappointment to me that Home Depot takes a full day to two days to change a zip code on a form thus holding up my appliance delivery which is sitting in a warehouse 50 miles away.

I am a not going to accept the COVID excuse because this is pure bad training and lies by the associates who do not seem to know just what can and cannot be done with or to and order, as well as the ripple effect it has on the orders.

Two persons, two days, totally different cans and cannots in their tool boxes of poor training. And I am without my goods and spent a full day waiting on them to tell me it will be Monday. TODAY IS THURSDAY, I AM DELAYED SINCE TUESDAY, AND THEY WANT TO PUT IT OFF FOR 4 MORE DAYS? CANNOT DELIVER UNTIL MONDAY? NOT EVEN A FRIDAY DELIVERY ?


Conn's has it and can deliver to my home tomorrow, same price.

You have lost our long years of loyalty, personal shopping, business shopping and referrals to "The Blue".

Have a great day.

Order W863321417

James Lowry

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