How long do you think a person should have to wait for a repair? I – Jeffery Gardner email address

Alan sent a message to Jeffery Gardner President and CEO, Windstream Corporation – email address that said:

How long do you think a person should have to wait for a repair? I am seriously asking, because I and my father before me have been waiting a total of more than 20 years.
There is about a two mile stretch of phone line , across fields, between me and my closest neighbor, heading towards the main line. According to the first tech who became aware of the problem, the line was shot by a bullet.
We have been promised time after time after time, that it would be fixed. The last person I talked to, ALMOST A YEAR AGO said that the power company was going to have the needed truck to do the work, on a job of theirs along the same lines and that he would make arrangements to fix our problem with their truck.
Every time we have a big rain storm, water gets in that cable and we have to put up with no or poor service for several days. I guess your people have the concept that once the line is dry again, that there is no more problem, but to me and my parents who now live next door THERE IS A PROBLEM and it needs to be fixed.
My parents are in their 80s now and could possibly need an ambulance at some time and be unable to call one because of the negligence of your people, and thus your company.


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