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@ – Herbert Hainer – Good afternoon, I purchased shoes from Adidas website on 12/20/19, order number (AD041354933). I was

Bianca Scott sent a message to Herbert Hainer that said:

Good afternoon,
I purchased shoes from Adidas website on 12/20/19, order number (AD041354933). I was supposed to receive those shoes before Christmas according to the website timeline. When I did not get any updates on the order I called the customer service in hopes to get more information on the order. I was told that there was a delay with these particular sneakers and I will receive them sometime in January and that they were backordered. This was going to be a Christmas gift for someone so since it was coming after Christmas I wanted to cancel the order but was unable too. I then received an email after Christmas on 12/26/19 that the shoes were being delivered. I already bought another gift for the person so I wanted to cancel this order. I called customer service again on that day and was informed that I am unable to cancel the order due to the order being in ship status. I informed that representative that I wanted to cancel the order from before and I also informed him that I was told the order will ship in January and I was not in NY to receive the shoes. He told me that I will be able to do a return once I receive the shoes. December 30, 2019 I got an email that the shoes were delivered, I was not in NY to collect them. When I reached back to NY on January 6th I received the shoes from the person it was send too and went to process the return from the Adidas website using my order number. I was able to generate the label from the order number and I send the shoes to a UPS drop off the following day. I called customer service that day and spoke to about 4 representatives that day. They told me that I would not be able to return the shoes because its past the 7 day window for retuning the shoes. I informed them that I called about these shoes numerous of times before and that I was told a different shipping date from when I got them. I was told the shoes will ship in January and that would of been easier for me to receive them then due to me being in the state at that time. I was hung up on by two of the representatives when trying to find a resolution. They told me that I cannot speak with a manger and that one will call me in 2-4 days. I never received that call by the way! I called again and spoke with a representative by the name of Christian and he told me to send him the tracking information on the shoe and that they will inspect the shoe once it reaches the warehouse and issue my refund. He told me he was able to verify this information with a manager and I was grateful for this. I was able to send that email to him that same day. Two weeks later, I haven’t heard nor received a call or email from Adidas. I call the customer service today and they tell me that I cannot be issued a refund due to the shoes being send within 7 days. I immediately request to speak with a manager and I get on the phone with Christy. She tells me that I generated the return label on my own, I inform her that the return label was generated from the email linked to my order. I also explain my situation and she keeps telling me there is nothing she can do. I basically lost money and have no product in my possession from Adidas. I explained that I never got a call after I was promised one on the 7th and she told me that they are not required to call the consumers back. I’ve been on a roller coaster with this order and have never been treated this way by a corporation. I have been in retail for 5 years and the way the staff at Adidas have been taking my concerns is very unethical. They basically told me there is nothing that can be done and I will not be issued a refund nor get the shoes back. I find this to be absurd and very unprincipled. Especially since I was informed many false information by the staff at ADIDAS.

Case numbers with Adidas – 22701085 and 22415727
UPS return label -1z8f047v9094413066

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