I am a broke Grad Student at they University of Colorado in Boulder, I am – Charlie Ergen email address

Tazmon L. Sims sent a message to Charlie Ergen - Co-founder, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dish Network - Email Address that said:

I am a broke Grad Student at they University of Colorado in Boulder, I am typing from Norlins Library on the Quad. I had my phone and laptop stolen and do not have the funds to replace ?

Hello my name is Tazmon L. Sims. The reason I am writing you today is because of your mission of trying to help people gain their piece of the American Dream. I am in need of $75,000, my plan is to move too Denver, finish my Graphic Novel and distribute it myself. I will then use that as my sizzle reel to start making my other (17) Entertainment, Movie and Television ideas and open up my Production Company, I will shoot primarily in the Colorado Region. The reason I am asking for this investment first, is to show you what I am capable of achieving, my collateral or security is in already completed works, the computer technology that I will create to complete this and to storyboard the other entertainment ideas. I am so confident in what I am doing that I hope you will at least hear me on the details. I am an African American Student at the University of Colorado in Boulder working on my Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics, but my passion is writing and creating entertainment that shows that our diversity is not a weakness, but our greatest strength. I am not looking for hand out, but a hand up and I can actually pay back this investment/loan/grant at 3X the R.O.I with in 4-6 months of initial investment. I just need someone who is a forward thinker to give me a moment of their time and I can create an environment here in Colorado that rivals the best of what Hollywood has to offer. Thank you for reading

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