I am a Citi client since the mid 70’s and I have a problem that – Michael Corbat email address

Michael sent a message to Michael L. Corbat CEO, Citigroup Inc. that said:

I am a Citi client since the mid 70's and I have a problem that goes a little beyond policy.

It seems that Citi can close any credit card account, without notice, even one that has been in existence for 26+ years?

I was notified, this morning, that my account was closed.

I was also told that I had to re-apply, conditionally, to get my account reinstated.

I was told that an additional credit check had to be done in order for me to proceed.

What happens if I had a bad year last year, does that mean that I can be rejected?

Doesn't it seem odd that Citi closes my account conveniently at a time my credit drops a little?

It also seems odd that Citi would close my account conveniently at a time that I have more bills because of my son's special needs?

Also, I have called your customer service, over and over, the past 3 years and notified them of my change of address, but for some reason, they keep getting it wrong.

Where exactly are my calls being routed to and why can't they read or write correctly?

I don't think that your policy is fair and I demand that you reinstate my account unconditionally and without any type of credit check or penalty.

I have a recording of the conversation that I had with your representatives. I am willing to place this recording, as well as our opinions on youtube, so that the whole world can be our judge and jury.


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