I am a long time customer of Dick\'s Sporting Goods, and with three children I – Edward W Stack email address

Nancy Wrede sent a message to Edward W. Stack Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dicks Sporting Goods Email Address that said:

I am a long time customer of Dicks Sporting Goods, and with three children I am there all of the time. That is why I wanted to voice my concern directly to you before posting on PTA websites in my hometown. I am concerned about why the following product is available on your website:

The AR-15 Mag Charger makes reloading your rifle magazines quick and easy, so that you can spend less time loading and more time shooting. Simply line up a 50-round ammo box or aftermarket storage box and dump the rounds into the device. The Mag Charger auto advances to the next line after every stroke, allowing you to load your magazine 5 rounds at a time. The Caldwell® AR-15 Mag Charger accommodates all AR platform mags.

AR magazine loader
Durable polycarbonate construction
Accepts 50 loaded rounds from 50-round ammo boxes or aftermarket plastic storage boxes
Ammo is automatically aligned
Loads 5 rounds into a magazine per plunger push, auto-advancing to the next line
Takes less than 15 seconds to load a magazine
Includes Ammo Transfer Tray to invert ammo or stage bulk ammo

More about me, I was raised by a person who was a gunsmith, police officer, and munitions specialist. I do not have anything against gun ownership. However, I do have a problem with weapons that were intended for military use.

Why, does someone need the ability to shoot 50 rounds? Because its fun? Yes, it may be, but is it worth it? I hope to see this product removed from your site. If not, I will share and let others decide if they want to continue to support a company that sells such products.

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