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I am a long time customer who in the past have received good – Stephen Gunn email address

Patti sent a message to Stephen K. Gunn Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Sleep Country Canada that said:

I am a long time customer who in the past have received good service and quality product. However, I am sitting in Otter Rock, OR, having made the 100+ mile trip from Portland, waiting for delivery of twin beds which have yet to arrive. The beds were ordered weeks ago for delivery in March. Since no one notified me that they were available, I went back to the store over a week ago, was told the order was indeed ready to deliver and scheduled delivery for Tuesday, March 24. After waiting all day I finally called the store to confirm that they were still coming, only to discover that without so much as a phone call to me, it was decided at the warehouse to reschedule delivery for April 14. Unfortunately, I will be undergoing eye surgery then that will leave me unavailable for several weeks. In the meantime, I am still waiting at the coast, have guests arriving for the weekend, and am considerably dissatisfied with the entire situation. I have been referred to customer service who informed me that they only handle warranty issues, and referred me to the warehouse, whose assistant manager, Paula, basically said she was sorry that they made a mistake, but it was my tough luck and they were not going to make any effort to deliver before the dates they decided. I understand delivery schedules, and the distance to be covered, but I also made that trip to receive the delivery and I'm still here waiting. When I asked Paula to provide the name and number of a corporate superior that would have the authority to solve this issue, she refused and told me to "look it up." So, this is how I came to contact you in this manner. I sincerely hope this is a legitimate site and not another diversion. As I said, I was a rather regular customer, and have given several referrals over the last few years. I assure this will stop over this issue, and I will rescind the recommenations to my friends and family. Too bad. I really thought this was a company that wanted to keep its customers.

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