I am a loyal Fox News listener, love all the anchors including Bill O\'Reilly despite – Rupert Murdoch email address

Javier Roman sent a message to Rupert Murdoch Chairman and CEO, 21st Century Fox, Inc. - email address that said:

I am a loyal Fox News listener, love all the anchors including Bill OReilly despite what could it happened. It is troublesome to learn that the wives of two of your kids (according to an article in one of NYC paper) were behind taking OReilly down. The article portray your daughters in law as progressive . I live in the Bronx, I know what diversity, refugees, ghetto, political abuse, milking the system and more situations that certain individuals do in the name of inclusion, diversity and progressive values . It is a shame that your daughters in law benefit from the conservatives that support your business. It is easy for your daughters in law to be progressive when they do not know or have the minimum idea of the real struggle of the American people, decent, responsible citizens that have to wake up every morning and work hard to support family and country. It is degrading to think that progressive support the ideas that are taking this country down. I offer to tour them around NYC as regular people, and I bet you that they will change their minds. I mean no disrespect to you or your family, but i felt betrayed reading that article today. Gracias...

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