I am a senior citizen living on $1354.00 a month.I have been a – Thomas M Rutledge email address

Barbara C Nickerson sent a message to Thomas M. Rutledge - Chief Executive Officer and President of Charter Communications, Inc. - Email Address that said:

I am a senior citizen living on $1354.00 a month.I have been a loyal Time Warner/Spectrum customer for 30 years.Always making sure my bill is paid on time,although there have been a few times when its been late but always got there.
Every single month my cable bill goes up by $13.00 dollars,now at almost $188.00 a month.And mind you there are multiple,mulitple duplicate stations.Whats with that??
My cable and my laptop are my only luxuries and entertainment,and yet you continue to push me to the brink by the outrageous amount of money you aske for the poor line up of shows.
You receive an enormous salary,and bouses,and I am not being disrespectful it is the truth.
AT some point in time I will leave your cable company because I can no loner afford to pay your prices.
It isnt about doing right by your customers,especailly senior citiens,it is ablot the money.So being a loyal customer for 30 years absolutely nothing.
Dont you think it would behoove you and your company to do right by your customers???
Thank you,I am,
Sincerely yours,
BArbara C NIckerosn

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