I am contacting you in regards to claim # I would ask that you – Thomas J Wilson email address

JOHN sent a message to Thomas J. Wilson – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Allstate Corporation – Email Address that said:

I am contacting you in regards to claim # , I would ask that you would please take time out of your schedule to look at this claim and how it is being handled by Alacripy services who is contractor . also how allstate sent waterworks out for water clean up and tour out drywall floring ect. Then stops has the allstate adjuster come out and say it was pre exsisting and leaves house torn up now know one wants to fix what was torn up .Allstate is paying waterworks for their services per Todd tedeours . SO IF YOU HIRED THEM IS IT NOT YOUR REPONSIBILTY TO GET HOUSE REPAIRED AND GO AFTER THEM PLEASE LOK INTO THIS AND IF NOT AT LEAST LET ME KNOW

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