I am contacting you regarding the poor customer service and the rude way I was – Barbara Rentler email address

Coniece Washington sent a message to Barbara Rentler - Chief Executive Officer of Ross Stores - Email Address that said:

I am contacting you regarding the poor customer service and the rude way I was treated this evening by a cashier (I was told her name is Roxanne) and the manager on duty at approximately 5:45 at sroe # 0475. The cashiers name was provdided to me by another cashier Associate # 828501. I stood in line for over ten minutes sue to a lack of cashiers. Roxanne came from the front of the store and told the three people standing behind me to come to the front and took then to associate #828501 cashier to ring them up. When I asked why the three twentysomething people were moved in front of me Roxanne and her three friends became incredulous. They told me to mind my business. Roxanne was extremely rude and appeared as if she wanted to fight. She was very loud and became more agiated when I ask for the manager. I was then shocked that Marybell the manager had watched the whole incident and did not sa a word. She told me that the people were friends of Roxanne, were using her discount and that is why they were pulled out of line in front of me. As a Disabled Veteran, a professional manager and a loyal customer I am shocked that Ross allows their employees to pull thier friends out of line in front of other customers who have been patiently waiting to ring them up via an employees discount. I want to make it clear that I am not upset about the employee giving her friends her discount evidently that is allowed since the manager allowed it to happen. I am upset that they were behind me and pulled out of line in front of me and then the employee Roxanne and her friends proceeded to want to fight, call me names and the manager did nothing. Store manager Wanda Price was not available.

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