I am emailing because i was processed all the way to a face to face – Glenn M Renwick email address

loren sent a message to Glenn M. Renwick – Chief Executive Officer and President of Progressive Corporation – Email Address that said:

I am emailing because i was processed all the way to a face to face email on 4/18/16. I did great and the recruiter courtney cole called me and said that they wanted to go further with me if i was interested. So i obliged. She later informed me that all she was waiting for was the background information from hire right. Courtney called me on 4/22/16 @ 9:30am and advised me that all my employment history checked out and all she was waiting on was the county records from lake county and cuyahoga county. 1 week went by and i heard nothing so i called hireright ans spoke to kristian bradford, he told me that "nothing sticks out to me as to why you wouldnt be hired" just wait for their call, so i did. Courtney cole called me today 4/29/16 and said my background didnt clear. I asked her what that meant and she said all she gets is whether it clears or not. I have 2 misdemeanors on my record, but nowhere on progressives website or profile does it say anything about misdemeanors!!! it says FELONYS which i dont have. I have been employed with value city furniture which has just as thorough background check and i have been here for 6 years. I feel that i am being discriminated against and i want this resolved!!!!!


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