I am form Brazil and own a Go Play BT wireless, bought in Germany in – Dinesh Paliwal email address

marcio sent a message to Dinesh Paliwal Chairman, President, and CEO, Harman – Email Address that said:

I am form Brazil and own a Go Play BT wireless, bought in Germany in 2014. I love the product and the brand. For 2 months now, I’m trying to repair the unit (two full months trying to find someone to take a look at the unit!) but here in Brazil, the technical assistance is the worst I’ve ever seen! I do not believe that a brand like Harman and JBL knows about the situation here. The assistances here simply reply to costumers that they don't have parts for repairs because they're too expensive to import and when the warranty expires, you can throw away the product if there's a problem!
So, for a unit that I spent 400 Euros, and I cannot repair, I cannot find anyone to even look, I have to throw away in garbage? This is the solution that’s has been given by yours authorized importers and assistances here in Brazil!
In another analysis, imported audio products like ones from Logitech , Sony , Bose , has an extremely efficient technical assistance and customer service and repair defective units is easy and fast.
Many costumers here are experiencing this same problem with Harman/JBL products here in Brazil. Your brand name is going down fast over here!
Please take a serious look at this situation, I need support, and I ´m feeling totally robbed and disrespected by Harman/JBL, just like several others over here.

Thanks in advance.

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