I am having a problem with your internet sales department. your web site listed a – W Craig Jelinek email address

gerald braun sent a message to W. Craig Jelinek - President and Chief Executive Officer of Costco Wholesale Corporation email address that said:

I am having a problem with your internet sales department. your web site listed a Braun Series 7 shaver but did provide a model number. I requested the model number for the shaver. It took 2 weeks before I received a model number. Refer to incident no.170719-000282. I finally received a response from Melissa T on 07/24/2017 which stated that the model was a 760 cc which has a cleaner/washer station. The web site also stated that it had 5 shaver modes.

I ordered the unit but it was out of stock. I finally received the shaver on 8/10 but it was a model 740s which did not have a cleaner/charger station and only 3 modes. I immediately contacted customer service and have received 2 replies in the last 2 1/2 weeks stating that I received the shaver I ordered. This is not the case. I have requested that the 760 cc be provided or that I receive a credit of 68.95 which is the cost to purchase a cleaning/charger station from Amazon. This request has been ignored.

Obviously there is a severe problem with your internet sales department. The model number of the item you are supplying should always be provided. Then when you provide the model number and do not send this model is a worse problem.

Your attention and prompt response to this issue will be appreciated. Costco has a reputation for standing behind the products that you sell but this is in question.

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