I am highly doubtful that you will read or respond to this email, however, I – Greg D Carmichael email address

Patricia sent a message to Greg D. Carmichael – Chief Executive Officer of Fifth Third Bancorp – Email Address that said:

I am highly doubtful that you will read or respond to this email, however, I will be able to say "I tried to warn them" when Fifth Third bank closes locations in Lincolnton, NC.

I doubt me moving $28,000 makes a dent in your company, but "word of mouth" is more costly.

I have been unhappy with Fifth Third for several years, however, the hassles of "changing banks" has kept me from acting sooner. I was quickly persuaded to pull my money out of the bank after the bank mailed a check too late, I was assessed a $15 fee and informed by someone in INDIA, that they were sad they couldn't reimburse me. I called the local bank and spoke to Jamie Ewing and he laughed and stated "Yeah, the US mail is awful- I don't depend on the mail". Really? Blaming the US Mail for their error?

The un-concerned attitude by Mr. Ewing and his lack of professionalism convinced me that I needed to move my money as soon as possible.

Again, I realize the "small" people are not important to upper echelon, but there is a vacant Bank of America building sitting next to the Fifth Third in Boger City, NC for a reason. I am sure Fifth Third bank will be the next casualty of poor customer service.

I am slowly moving the rest of my money and will complete removal of all my funds, once my direct deposits and automatic withdrawals are changed and finalized.

Good luck. As they say, "you can't fix anything if you aren't aware that there is something wrong.


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