I am not sure if any of the email address works even.I was searching – Michael Corbat email address

Basudha Mukherjee sent a message to Michael L. Corbat CEO, Citigroup Inc. email address that said:

I am not sure if any of the email address works even.
I was searching everywhere and there is NO information on how to reach the board of directors.

Here is my issue:

I bought 4 tickets ( all evidence I have to prove) via AirBerlin to travel in December, 2017. The airlines declared bankruptcy and left us behind confused and no way to contact anybody.

We lost almost $4,000.
In the back of our mind, we were thinking that we have Citibank, the bank we relied on for past 20 years. Now, we are seeing what a misconception was that!
We have been trying to contact Citibank, gave them all the documents, wasted hours and hours over phone....all we got just some rude behavior and NO outcome at the end.
BTW, we bought the ticket using our Costco credit card.

We came to know that nothing could be possible any more.

Here I am reaching out to all of you expecting if anybody can help me. Of course, I am not sure even if I can reach you viw this email.

Thank you
-Basudha Mukherjee
Science teacher

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