I am not sure if i have to call you Sir,& I am writing – Michael OLeary email address

Fay sent a message to Michael O’Leary CEO, Ryanair that said:

I am not sure if i have to call you Sir,

I am writing to you to express my anger on behalf of hundreds of my Law Firm's Clients with regard to the preposterous and extremely offensive remarks against our Government and indirectly against all Greek People and their democratic privilidge to be governed by whoever they wish.
I strongly demand that an apology should be officially distributed to the press by your company and by you personally, otherwhise we will take all legal measures for the breach of your duties to abstain from any political, ratial or other biased policies.
You earned a lot of money from the Greek people . I have personally travelled by Ryanair and many friends and relatives of mine , but this was the last time.
You have to look for someone to teach you what is the word RESPECT and of of course many other things about the Greek culture.

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