I am not sure where to direct this email and I hope you can forward – James J Murren email address

Scott McChesney sent a message to James J. Murren - Chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts International - Email Address that said:

I am not sure where to direct this email and I hope you can forward it to the correct people. I have read on multiple sites about what should be done with the room that the person shot from in the hotel. The simple fact of the matter is that room is valuable real estate and being a business owner on a smaller scale I understand that. I also understand the tragedy and safety and security concerns as I own a security consulting firm and have been involved in training staff and students for events like this and reviewing tragedies after the fact. I wanted to offer my opinion for what it is worth.

It is my belief that MGM should fix the room up and make some very small remodeling changes and then offer the room to first responders, survivors of mass shootings and military veterans at no cost. Require them to prove the group they are claiming to get the room free, this does 3 things from a business standpoint the person or persons in the room will spend money in the casino, it is great PR for the MGM and with the small remodel it could be a memorial room for the victims of not only the incident in Vegas but all over the US.

If you decide to choose my idea it would be an honor to be involved in the redesign of the room. I would be more than happy to do this free of charge. I also would like the opportunity to work with the MGM on training and preparing for these types of issue and how to better leverage technology to help mitigate all risk.

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