I am Pam Lechuga, married 30yrs, both Navy Veterans 1011yrs honorably discharged. We have – James Goodnight email address

Pam (Gaudier) Lechuga sent a message to James Goodnight CEO, SAS Institute - email address that said:

I am Pam Lechuga, married 30yrs, both Navy Veterans 1011yrs honorably discharged. We have both obtained our degrees while serving and after serving in the military. I received my RN. My husband BS in business and computer science, Magna Cum Laude. He is slated to graduate May 2018 MBA in business analytics from Cleary University, Magna Cum Laude Wake Tech for computer security. He has worked IBM 27yrs until acquiesced by Lenovo then laid off 2015 after orchestrating the move from IBM to Lenovo with in 9 months, along w/ 90% who were laid off too from IBM to Lenovo. He returned as a contractor w/ IBM for a few months, then began working for QLIK, where he presently enjoys his profession there. He has completed 2 Ironmans, 6 NYC marathons and a few other smaller marathons, 2 triathlons and 1 biathlon.
We are hard working, good people. We volunteer in a varying capacities whether feeding neighbors that lost their jobs during the recession, or donating money and time to local charities including my daughters donation birthday parties and auction for Duke Brain Tumor Foundation and Bobs Buddys.
My daughter, Brooke was born with Epsteins anomaly, and potentially life-threatening condition of panhypopituitary, and hearing impaired. She works as a housekeeper @ Marriott despite the fact that she has issues w/ shortness of breath and severe chest pains. Brooke is selfless, loving, caring , responsible, graceful, creative and thrifty young lady...a pure joy to have as a daughter.
Your condo @618 Boylan st is perfect for us.
We decided that it would be a good idea for us to sell our home in Wakefield Plantations and relocate to a condo in Raleigh, for my daughters sake. We feel that Glenwood South would be a perfect place for Brooke to safely navigate the city and familiarize herself to the community, getting to know the pharmacy, Dr.s, grocery and shopping now. In the eventual death of myself and my husband, a condo would be much easier to take care of than a house.
I love the fact that the condo is low to ground incase of electrical failure and elevators dont work, for the issue of Brookes medical condition. If there was a fire, easy to escape. Location is prime for her.
I cant put my house, in Wakefield Plantation on the market to purchase a condo secondary to the sellers market situation. We could be rendered homeless. There isnt any other condos that meet our needs like yours.
I am respectfully requesting with much humbleness to ask for your help in 1 of 2 ways.
1. Could you hold off selling your condo until it is VA approved?
2. or Provide owner financing.
We both have good credit w/ good professions and steady income.

You have no idea how much this would mean to us to secure a condo that would help us out immensely. As a nurse, I am usually the one to help others. I have never asked for anything and want for nothing for myself. I am a caregiver, I know nothing else. I treat all humans with dignity.
I appeal to your graciousness and appreciation for anything you could do to help. Thank you for your time.

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