I am sending this message to see if Disney ever grants wishes? My daughter is – Robert Iger email address

Bonnie sent a message to Robert Iger – Chairman and CEO, The Walt Disney Company – Email Address that said:

I am sending this message to see if Disney ever grants wishes? My daughter is 11 1/2 years old. She has battled Epilepsy since Oct of 2012. Happliy, she is fast approaching 3 years seizure free on March 8, 2017. In order to keep her seizure free we have stacked up a lot of medical expenses. She was recommended for a trip through Kids Wish Network but they couldn't fulfill her wish because of the success of treatment which moved her out of the class of "life threatening". Her biggest wish is to get to go to Disney world. We have tried so many times to save to be able to take her but the expenses of EEG's and other tests as well as clinic appointments seems to always zap our nest that we put away. We so badly want to be able to take her this coming March to celebrate her milestone of 3 years seizure free. We just dont know if it will ever be possible. So, I am reaching out to see if Disney ever helps to make a wish come true. If not possible, I completely understand.
It's just that she has faced so much. She was born with a brachial plexus injury and has had to face several rounds of O.T.and P.T. She suffered memory retention issues due to seizure misfiring. She is on meds to help with anxiousness...another issue caused from seizures. She is listed in special needs classes and has an IEP for education. I just want a magical moment for her where she can just be a kid who doesn't need to be worried about things.
Geralyn is a child who sees the best in everyone she meets. She helps to raise funds for our Epilepsy Foundation. She donated her gently used clothes to shelters. She particiaptes with several outreaches through our church and most importantly, she never gives up and always looks for the magic in everything. So, if it could be found within the heart of your company I'd like to ask for help to make this wish come true...after all, a dream is a wish your heart makes. Sincerely, Bonnie

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