I am sitting here thinking how sad that the CEO of a company doesn\'t make – Glen Post email address

Mary HARRINGTON sent a message to Glen F. Post, III President and CEO, CenturyLink, Inc. email address that said:

I am sitting here thinking how sad that the CEO of a company doesnt make it a priority to answer an email from a senior citizen who has a fixed income and thought, that the product your are putting out there was honest. The lack of consideration for a senior citizen in a company that makes it sound as thought there are wa to ask for lowering our phone bills by asking for having customised bundle and promos available??? when in fact your reps say there is only one plan price is life and only one promo available and no one can change that ever even though it was YOUR REP THE DID NOT GIVE me fuLL DISCLOSURE well it is obvious age discrimination//// is out there, I am a retiree and I stated that/
PLEASE look at this email and answer me ASAP for your schedule/ I am so stressed out over this obvious age discrimnation( as I said I was retired) and the fact that i have been a customer for 45 + years. age is a big issue.... I am sick literally because I have been treated with such rudeness and lack of concern and none of your staff seems to give a hoot they are like robots same scenario and I am BegGIN YOU As CeO TO LOOK INTO THIS MATTER AND GET BACK TO ME by MONDAY JAN 2,2018. PLEASE

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