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Yvette sent a message to Hubert Joly President and CEO, Best Buy that said:

I am so dissatisfied with my service from Best Buy I could scream. I bought 3 major appliances from BB and my refrigerator was smashed in when it was delivered. I told the delivery guys to take it back. I tried calling your store all night, all the next day and the phone system keeps you in the que for 45 minutes and then cuts off. Finally I had to drive back out there (which is not a short ride). I talked to the manager who tried to schedule me a new delivery for the following Monday and he was told by the delivery people "absolutely no". He told me I would be assigned a customer care rep who would be calling me to make sure this was handled properly. He also gave me a direct number with an extension directly to the appliance department, I never heard from the rep. I had to take off work for the first delivery (with no pay) and my day off was Monday. I had to take another day off work for the second delivery Tuesday. Surprise - the right hand door seal is falling away from the door. This was not discovered until the delivery team left.

Again, I tried calling the store 5 times for a replacement door up until 8 pm. My calls went into the cue. I waited 30 - 45 minutes and the call was cut off. I tried every number I have for BB including the direct extension to the appliance department and they all follow the same wait and cut off routine. I finally contacted your corporate office and reached Customer Care. She answered but must be having the same problem as me because she was trying to contact the warehouse, but I was on hold for 30 minutes through no fault of Customer Care. She told me she had to wait that long to get a representative at the warehouse. She put me on hold a second time to clarify to the warehouse what was damaged. However, upon putting me on hold she cut me off and did not have the courtesy to call me back. She had my phone number. I do not know where she was in this process. When I tried to call back the office was closed. I cannot reach anyone to resolve this issue.

I cannot keep driving back to your Waldorf, MD store for every issue that arises. Now what also concerns me is trying to reach someone if I have warranty issues. I purchased a 3-year warranty on the refrigerator. I still have no refrigerator - the newly delivered one is sitting unused until I resolve the seal issue.

I have missed two days of work; cannot refrigerate any food; and lost a whole freezer of food from the first delivery.

What do you suggest? The account is under the phone number. But, I can always be reached . Messages can be left on both phones. But, I beg you not to tell me to call another office in BB.

Thank you for your assistance.


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