I am successor trustee to my moms (Letizia C. Shannon) trust. For over 1 month – Richard Fairbank email address

Colette sent a message to Richard Fairbank – Chairman and CEO, Capital One – Email Address that said:

I am successor trustee to my mom's  trust. For over 1 month, I have been trying to get her IRA's in an EIN no vs. her SSN. Terica Dangerfield at Capital One in Houston  is very incompetent. It sits on her desk and nothing happens. The branch either hangs up on me or keeps me on hold endless amount of time. This morning I was hung up on and kept on hold and I finally hung up. I am filing complaints with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, FDIC and Securities Exchange Commission. This branch needs all new competent, professional employees. I need to get my mother's IRAs handled immediately. Thank you. Colette

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