I am the owner of Nissan Sunny Sedan vide Registration purchased in September – Carlos Ghosn email address

Sunil sent a message to Carlos Ghosn President and CEO, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. – email address that said:

I am the owner of Nissan Sunny Sedan vide Registration purchased in September 2012 from Delhi as I am the resident of New Delhi, INDIA.
On March 7, 2016 my car met with an accident near Agra. Since the nearest Nissan workshop is Atma Ram Nissan, Agra, hence I took my car there for repairing.
My Car was with them for more than 2 months for repairing but when I took the delivery of the car on 24th May 2016, there are lots of pending work which they either forgot to repair or not even paid attention to it.
They prepared the Bill of INR 2,18,975/- which I paid and even when I went to Agra workshop all the way from delhi to take the delivery of my car, I need to wait for more than 6 hours as they have not yet finished the work on my car. They raised the notice that car is ready if I will not picked up my car they start charging the parking fee from me.
Even today there are lots of pending repair work in my car, as I feel that I have sent my car for repairing on a roadside workshop and not to the company workshop (NISSAN).
This is very weird and unprofessional way of work wherein at the company workshop no one bothered to prepare the checklist for the repairing and re-check it after the repairing.
Is this the way Nissan works in India. I don't have enough time to keep visiting the workshop and drive all the way from Delhi to Agra.
I need my car to be fully repaired as I paid the full amount to them and also seek the compensation for the harassment I faced during this tenure. Below are the list of repair not done:
1. Dent of the right roof top not done. (Picture Attached)
2. Different colour paint on center of front bumper. (Picture Attached)
3. Window (Glass) on Driver side not closed properly. (Picture Attached)
4. Gear Lock has not been fixed its loose.
5. Steering alignment is not proper.
6. Screws of Mat are missing.
7. Door side holes are opened
8. Screws are lying below the mat.
9. Door handle loose on Driver Side.
10. Below the Driver side foot mat
11. When car is above speed 90 car got imbalance and lots of vibration comes.
12. Right wiper making noise and not wiping properly.
For the above issues Atma Ram Nissan Manager (Mr. Bhardwaj) asked me to come back for repair, I dont want to go to Agra. I dont want to compromise with my work and expenses. I want NISSAN to repair my car within delhi.
I also have evidence that they had not done their work in the due time.
If strict action not taken within stipulated time I will be forced to move to the court.
Hence I am requesting you to take the desired and necessary action at the earliest.
We in India do not expect such dishonesty and cheating from Nissan, which used to be a prestigious company for us. It is a shame that Japan, which is known for its truthfulness and honesty, should establish a company in India only to cheat poor Indian people.

Sir, you as CEO should be aware of these facts and of course, from the public forum, we will reach our Ministry and make public aware to beware of Nissan India.

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