I am the very proud parent of Zachary who will become an Eagle – Marvin R Ellison email address

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I am the very proud parent of Zachary who will become an Eagle Scout, November 19, 2015. His Court of Honor is December 19, 2015.
Zachary is part of Boy Scout. They are part of the Greater Western Reserve Council.
He is active in his church, Canfield Presbyterian Church. Zachary was a youth leader and is currently the youth Elder. He is, one of the youngest Elders of the church. He serves on the vision committee and he is active on mission trips. He has generously served people in the Dominican Republic, Pittsburg, and New Jersey. It is with his love of the church that he planned a particular project for the community that aims to enhance a public area of the church as a nature walk. The Peace Walk, as it is named, is situated on the church grounds and he was able to coordinate the project and raise funds, clear the area, plan and coordinate the half mile walk. This beautification project will enable the community to have a place to walk, relax, and learn about nature.
Every day, Zachary lives in accord to the Scout Oath and Law. He has high morals and sharp mental skills. He is smart and he aspires to continue his education and begin college with the goal of becoming a history teacher and also work with special needs children. He has already been accepted to YSU (with the customary stipulations).
I am very proud of my son and his accomplishments and I am requesting a congratulatory letter from you.
Respectfully submitted,

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