I am very disgusted and upset about the way things were handled when I called – Brian C Cornell email address

Pamela sent a message to Brian C. Cornell Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Target Corporation that said:

I am very disgusted and upset about the way things were handled when I called the gift registry line and spoke to two representatives of Target. I recently had a gift registry with Target, there were some thing purchased and one in particular was a pack of Child Bodysuits Just One You. The item was purchased with a couple of other things in one order. I received the other items but did not received the pack on onsies, so I called just to check to make sure there were no mistake and that the item would be sent out. I called on 8/24/15 and spoke to Jefferson first who told me the item was never purchased and that someone had basically went on my registry and tampered with it showing it was purchased when it was not. He said there was no tracking number so I asked to speak to a supervisor. After 16 minutes of holding for a supervisor he finally came back to the phone and said he was still waiting for an available supervisor and that they were all busy. Great customer service after 16 long minutes! Finally a supervisor came to the phone and her name is Katherine. I explained to her what was going on and told her what Jefferson, the previous rep had told me. Before I could even finish telling her what he said she said no he didnt tell you that. That itself blew me away, she was not on the phone when I talked to him and had no right to tell me what was said instead she should have apologized and investigated my claim. She continued to cut me off through out the call every time I would speak to the point where I had to tell her that she was becoming argumentative and needed to stop cutting me off. She also continued to tell me the item was not ordered instead of doing a thorough investigation on the claim. By the end of the call, nothing had been resolved. I called the person who ordered the items and was able to get proof that the item was ordered. The item was also delivered today although Katherine and Jefferson both said the item was never ordered. When I called back today to talk to complain about this , to my surprise I got Katherine again. She new exactly who I was and called me by my first name but continued to be rude and cut me off and again I told her she was the main reason I was calling back to complain because she did not have good customer service skills. She never once addressed her mistake instead she made excuses. I have since deleted my registry with Target and will never do business with Target again. I know it will be a lot but, my husband and I have decided to return everything that was purchased on our registry and given to us at our baby shower from Target. We will repurchase it all through Babies R Us and Walmart. Losing one customer may not be a big deal to Target but with customer service such as Katherines who is a SUPERVISOR, will make Target lose more in the long run. I loved Target because even though you guys are pricey, I can always go in and find my kids clothes without the stress. It is extremely sad that one bad apple can ruin it for others.

Thanks for nothing,

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