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I am writing because I am extremely upset about the way I was treated by GAP VISA CARD. On 5/26/17 I went into a Banana Republic Store. When I started to pay for my purchase with another major credit card, the sales associate suggested that I pay with my GAP card. I told her that I did not have my card with me and did not know my account number. She said that it was not a problem and she looked up my card and said that I could use it. I received a bill on or about 6/20/18. I made an online payment immediately. I always pay my bills promptly and in full because I am very concerned that my credit be excellent. My payment was credited to an account that was closed (6018 5951 0139 2070 I did not know this fact until later.) I then got another bill from another account # 4479 9413 8096 1457 showing the initial amount of my bill, $55.40 plus a $25 late fee. When I called customer service to find out what was going on, they told me that my payment had been credited to another account. They said that they would straighten out the matter. The following month I got another bill, this time with 2 late fees. I called again and demanded that I get a letter addressed to the credit card reporting companies explaining that there was a mix up and my credit should not be affected and the accounts would be straightened out. I was told that the matter would be taken care of. On or about September 2, I got a check from Synchrony Bank with a check for $55.40. While I was not quite sure why I got the check, I figured that I would get a bill under the new account number and would pay the $55.40. I deposited the check. I got a notice from my bank dishonoring the check and charging me $12 for a charge back. I also got another bill saying that I now owe $93.90. When I called customer service today, the Supervisor said that the charges were my responsibility. I should have called the bank when I got the check to find out why I got the check. It was also my responsibility to check that my account was closed, even though I never got notification that it was canceled. I find these answers totally unacceptable. I paid the bill promptly, when it was presented to me. I tried on three occasions to straighten this matter out and spent hours trying to resolve the matter. I was told that the matter would be straightened out only to receive additional bills with additional charges. I have always been willing to pay the $55.40 that I owed. What I do not think I should pay is the late fees and the $12 return fee charge. Since I have been unable to get any satisfaction from Customer Service, I am asking you to straighten this matter out. At the present time, I have a very bad taste in my mouth, when it comes to GAP Inc.
Carol Cohen

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