I am writing out of frustration.I have a task ID 383996459 which will give – Glen Post email address

Mary HARRINGTON sent a message to Glen F. Post, III President and CEO, CenturyLink, Inc. email address that said:

I am writing out of frustration.
I have a task ID 383996459 which will give you the history of my ongoing issues with Century Link.
You will see that on Jan 31,2018 I attempted to renew my 2 discounts. The rep offered me the Price for Life because I would not have to renew again it was automatic. I thought great. Unknown that there was NOT FULL DISCLOSURE and in the following months I have been told I no longer have easy talk International, today I found out I lost one of my discounts. I have been trying since I received my Feb 13, 2018 billing to reverse the plan back to my old plan as the Price for LIfe was not what I was told at all. NO ONE will do it they say it is grandfathered. I am a customer for over 45 years and I was scammed into believing Price for Life was just to avoid calling to renew the discounts.Straight out lies!
I am asking YOU as the CEO, to put me back to exactly what I had on Jan 30, 2018 before I was mislead to change to Price for Life. It is not fair that I have to now pay $15 more for what had in place before Jan 31st.
I ask you as you have the power to make this right.
I hope you will do the right thing.
I would be grateful to go back to my old plan. $15 more a month is allot for retirees,especially when the information I should have been told was withheld.
Thank you for reading this and hopefully you can help.

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