I am writing personally to find out why your company has an issue with overweight – Michael OLeary email address

RINALDO N COLETTI sent a message to Michael OLeary - CEO, Ryanair - Email Address that said:

I am writing personally to find out why your company has an issue with overweight people.
I have flown numerous times with your company sometimes more than twice a year to various destinations in Europe. I am a 67 year old man who has a stable weight for the last 8 years. The last three flights have resulted is serious issues with your aircraft seat belts/ They seem to be getting cut down to size and on my LAST FLIGHT from Milan Malpensa to Stansted on the 27th Aug. The seat belt on my seat 28A the seat belt was SO short I was embarrassed to find I had to ask for a belt extension. Whilst the staff on the plane were very helpful. I felt so embarrassed having to ask.
I know in the past you have had issues in your comments regarding your heavier clientele by saying they SHOULD PAY MORE on flights.
I dont see the ACTUAL reason for this/ What is the FULL REASON for these extra short seat belts. Please tont tell me its Health and Safety as I cannot see this.

An extra issue with this FLIGHT on the 27th was firstly it was delayed 90 minutes plus but when it landed at Stansted we were held on the Plane for 40 minutes before we were allowed of the plane WITH NO REAL EXPLANATION. As you can imagine it was already a late plane scheduled to leave Malpensa at 9.45pm by the time we got to the arrivals hall it was 1.30am. We had our 8 year old Grandson with us with his parents in the arrivals hall waiting over TWO EXTRA hours for him. Which also resulted in a lengthier stay in the car park which resulted in extreme costs in the short stay car park.

Overall your company delivers a NO THRILLS service which we all understand but the above issues are impacting on peoples lives.

I would appreciate your comments.


Rinaldo Coletti (Mr)

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