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I am writing this about a horrible experience my husband had a Newport ky Dick’s – Edward W Stack email address

Candace sent a message to Edward W. Stack – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dick’s Sporting Goods – Email Address that said:

I am writing this about a horrible experience my husband had a Newport ky Dick's sporting goods store. My husband Don doesn't order online because he is computer illiterate and had found on the website some fishing items to buy for my son. He called The store to see if they would honor his cyber finds in the store, he called Thursday evening ( 12/01/2016) the man he spoke to told him that they would after asking someone and that the sale price would end on 12/03/2016. We had been out shopping and made this our last store. No one was in the fishing/hunting section so we tracked down an associate who called Anthony to come help us, this was a terrible idea, he said they don't honor cyber sales and they don't even carry the items my husband was looking for, he said who do you speak to scolding my husband and then treated him as if he we're lying when my husband didn't know the person name. He then went to his computer and looked up the item and said I don't keep this item in stock because it's high end pricing. I worked in sales 10 years and I would have never treated any customer that way. We left that store with my husband feeling very down and belittled. I will now get on another website and shop myself. And he was feeling excited about this purchase because it is for our Marine son who never gets to come home at Christmas. I just feel you need to hear about this and field and stream I'm sure will take my money. No customers no business. I live 5 minutes from there and I will be happy to share this on Facebook with my friends and local neighborhood page.

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