I am writing to share my horrible experience with your online store. I went online – Edward Lampert email address

Saleema Ross sent a message to Edward Lampert - Chairman and CEO of Sears Holdings - Email Address that said:

I am writing to share my horrible experience with your online store. I went online to purchase some bedroom furniture for my grandchildren. But I preferred to talk to someone, so I called and spoke to an agent; discussing the kind of furniture that was available and pricing. So I picked out four pieces to be delivered to my grandchildren home in Washington, DC. This is when the whole thing went wrong. I gave her a shipping address for Washington, DC and the billing address as Fort Washington, MD. Some how she listed the shipping address as Fort Washington, MD; this caused the order to be cancelled on January 18th, so on that same day and same call she attempted to correct the shipping and after the call I assumed, it was okay. NOT; she still had the shipping address listed as Fort Washington,MD now I have another cancellation. I received an email with the shipping info that I thought would be correct, but of course it was not, so here is the third cancellation. At this time I am done with Sears. So on January 25th I speak to some named Darrah . She goes to my order and makes several adjustments to correct the shipping and I believe its okay. But its not, I look at my credit card statement to see that some bogus charges are posted (pending) that do not related to any of the items I purchased, and I also see the items I purchased and the prices are ok. The pending charges I believe were posted to correct the shipping address that kept messing up. So now Im okay with my purchases and assume ( should not assume anything with this company) they will not be charged to my account, but if so I will be disputing them. But all during this order (Or#842510820) several of YOUR agents hung up on me, sent me to the wrong area and was just not helpful at all. So this will definitely be the last time I EVER purchase from Sear. Just for the record, the first agent I spoke with seemed surprise I was making these purchases as if she thought I wasnt able to pay for them, maybe thats why she screwed up the order. She sounded of Asian decent, and maybe I sound like I was poor and black. Wrong, I pay my bills and can buy whatever I want, my credit score for the record is 800. Your folks need more training that all black people dont have low credit scores and we actually may have Oprah money. Its a new day, get on board with that.

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