I am writing to you because the level of customer service I am receiving at – Dinesh Paliwal email address

Lenore sent a message to Dinesh Paliwal Chairman, President, and CEO, Harman that said:

I am writing to you because the level of customer service I am receiving at the lower end of your company is non existent. Two weeks ago I wrote an email to your customer service staff asking for help. I have your whole surround sound system in my living room. It was a gift from a company that my husband's company use to do business with. We got it from a Tiger Direct for Christmas in 2913. It says on the unit that it was manufactured in 2012. After many emails where I provided lots of information to your staff, I was told that without the receipt they could not help me. My whole entertainment package is non existent without this receiver and not only that but I have the equipment and speakers professionally installed in my living room in my ceiling and wall. My receiver throws sound but the wires can no longer run through the receiver because we cannot obtain a picture from it. My blu ray player also no longer works. The system just stopped working and 2 years is not a long time to own something so it is still new in my eyes. I am very upset with all this not to mention the inconvenience. I need this fixed or I need a new receiver. Please help me. I was denied an opportunity to speak to a supervisor and I do not think that my responses to the 10 different emails asking me for information were even read. I am a manager myself and if I provided such a low level of service, I would probably be let go.  I never asked for a free replacement, which was what they offered if I provided a receipt. They never should have offered that if they couldn't follow through. I have nothing to provide. I await your response.

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