I am writing you in regards to my ongoing frustration with your Mail Order Pharmacy – Gary W Loveman email address

Mary Anne Davidson sent a message to Gary W. Loveman Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Caesars Entertainment Corporation Email Address that said:

I am writing you in regards to my ongoing frustration with your Mail Order Pharmacy.
You were my new Healthy provider effective Dec 1, 2017.
12/4 - online requested to contact doctors for prescription refill which is what your website offers. Out of 5 prescriptions, I received 1 - the least necessary to my well being. I again requested on 12/18 without any acknowledgement or response. I received an email on 12/24 saying the doctors never contacted them, which was a false statement on Aetnas part. I would like to attach all the innocuous emails I received from Aetna which never addressed my situation. I spent yesterday on the phone with Aetna and my two Doctors involved. They claim the only inquiry they received was for the Atorovastatin. I thought your people resolved this yesterday and when I called my local CVS, they have no communication from you regarding my prescriptions.

I have been without my medications for 21 days. The ones I am concerned with are:
I could have waited for the Atorovastatin and could wait for the Hydrocholothiozide.

Ive been without my blood pressure, antispasmodic for my heart and Sertraline for my anxiety, anger and emotional upheaval.

If you respond, I will be happy to send all the emails that really make absolutely no sense from Aetna along with my responses.

I am seriously considering filing a grievance with the Consumer Watchdog and FDA.

I hope to receive an intelligent response and not a blanket response set up for specific situations.

Mary Anne Davidson

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