I cannot find any other means to file a complaint, so I apologize that your – Steve Easterbrook email address

Thomas Allen sent a message to Steve Easterbrook- CEO of McDonalds - email address that said:

I cannot find any other means to file a complaint, so I apologize that your assistants have to deal with this.
Since opening a location at 2860 Fulton Avenue in Sacramento, California, I have been a steady customer. the service had always been fairly good and I appreciated the crew. About two months ago, I pulled into the second drive thru lane and was first in line. The person in lane one was placing their order. After that customer had ordered, two more orders were taken as I still waited. I am a very polite person and said excuse me , to which the replay was what do want , very rudely spoken. The woman who took the order was not the person taking my money, who was very polite. When I drove home and took out my burger, grease from the burger warming tray had been poured all over my burger and the wrapper. Not knowing what else may have occurred, I threw the meal away. I stopped visiting this location until today when my doctor appointment took me nearby. I waited in an empty drive thru for about two minutes until my order was taken. I went to the window to pay and a friendly, young African-American man took my money. He was very nice. In the background, a young African-American women yelled, I worked with that mother fucker before and I hope they dont hire that nigger . I drove to the second window where a much larger African American man, without a single word, shoved the bag out the window and stared at me until I asked about my orange juice. He then stuck that out the window, once again without a thank you, a straw or any kind of courtesy. Im over 60 years old and was brought up in a different time, but if this has become acceptable to your corporation, I will no longer patronize your stores. Thanks for listening.
Thomas Allen

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