I completed a mobile order , for the Howell Mill, Atlanta GA location at about – Greg Creed email address

Taji sent a message to Greg Creed – Chief Executive Officer of Yum Brands – Email Address that said:

I completed a mobile order, for the Howell Mill, Atlanta GA location at about 2:15am, where I ordered 6 black bean burritos, 2 bean burritos, and 2 soft taco burritos. When I got to the window I was told that there were no black beans after 11pm; first there is no mention of that in the app or website anywhere, it should be noted as such. I have been to this same location before at the same time, after I get off work, and received black bean burritos. I chose to get them changed to regular bean burritos, except 2. 2 of them I no longer wanted. The cashier then closed the window in my face and stood there, drinking from the fountain drink machine, while the other employees completed my order. Not once did she tell us that there are no refunds with an online order if you take something off, or not once did she ask if we would like something different, of the same value. When we got the order is when we asked if we could get a refund for the items we no longer wanted and that's when she rudely told walked away and yells toward the back of the store, "Now they want a refund" came back and told us "No; because it's online" and proceeded to close the window again. To add insult to injury, now I drive and get all the way home and I see that they did not even include my soft potato tacos! This is unbelievably unacceptable. So now Taco Bell has essentially robbed me, because I paid for items and did not receive half of my entire order; there was no rectification from the employees, not even an attempt at any kind of customer service. This experience has put an extremely sour taste in my mouth for the Taco Bell name in general. This situation needs to be addressed by contacting me  because this location stole money from me and as far as customer service goes, this is unaccpetable. I have emailed though the contact page on the taco bell website twice, completed the survey and still no response. I am no longer interested in being a customer, since clearly, I am not at all valued.

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