I consistently rent cars from PL; However, lately, I’ve experienced a problem, which your – Darren R Huston email address

Ike sent a message to Darren R. Huston – President and Chief Executive Officer of The Priceline Group – Email Address that said:

I consistently rent cars from PL; However, lately, I've experienced a problem, which your customer service--both on the phone and Livechat claim they can do nothing about because from their vantage point, they cannot see what I am referring to. Since two weeks ago I've been trying to rent a car, using your services, I've been unsuccessful, hence moving on with OneTravels.
Equally important, it is almost impossible to speak with anyone unless you have a reservation number. What if I do not have a reservation # but instead want to ask a question about problems I am having with booking. Well, last week I was fortunate to get somebody on the line after many tries, only to hear him tell me he could not help.
Below the a copy of the second email I sent with no reply, though your site says response will be in 12hrs. Maybe if you did the undercover thing that has become popular on CNBC and TLC, you might uncover some of what customers like myself are facing. Funny how your FAQ section cannot answer all of the customers' questions, including mine.


It is not so much a question as it is venting my frustration. Thing is, I have rented cars consistently using PL. But for the past two weeks, it has been virtually impossible, leaving me to go with OneTravels. If nothing else, the worse part is your customer service agents--both on Chatlive and phone tell me they cannot help because they do not have the resources to see what I see enough to complain.
So here is the thing: Before two weeks ago I could bid for a car with no problem. Now, this is the message I get since I've been trying two weeks ago: Name Your Own Price is not available for the itinerary you requested. The best available rates are shown below.
To that end, I suggested to your customer service people to simulate/pretend they were attempting to rent a car from the Columbus, Ohio airport, if only to see the message they claim they cannot see.
Again, when you click on CHEAP RENTAL CARS, and on to START YOUR RENTAL CARS BID NOW, it takes you to the next level to plug in your price and other relevant information. Following that, it moves on to BUILDING YOUR CAR RESERVATION and then to the message:Name Your Own Price is not available for the itinerary you requested. The best available rates are shown below.
To determine if it was a Columbus, Ohio-specific problem, I pretended to rent from the Cleveland airport, and everything went well as expected. So will somebody please reply or call to let me know why this problem with PL, which has driven to OneTravels?

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