I contacted Sears\' chat for a recommendation for a refrigerator which would fit through my – Edward Lampert email address

Connie Forbes sent a message to Edward Lampert - Chairman and CEO of Sears Holdings - Email Address that said:

I contacted Sears chat for a recommendation for a refrigerator which would fit through my homes doorway. After speaking to my family my brother and mother agreed to purchase for me along with a new dryer. My brother arranged delivery and installation. I wasnt able to check the fridge upon arrival and it was wrapped up in plastic wrap. My brother unwrapped before leaving town for work and I looked inside. I immediately noticed that the shelves were discolored and the door dented. After texting my brother he suggested I call, which I did. I was given options, but I was so upset I couldnt decide what to do.
When I called with my decision I was told I was expected to call within 3 days to report. But I explained I had called previously and had been given options, I was told essentially -- too late, too bad.
I asked if Sears had changed so much that they are fine knowingly delivering defective appliances and telling folks who complain too bad? You customer service reps seemed fine with that.
If you are unable to help, I will do as I told the last Sears rep. Calling the BBB and the MA Attorney General. In addition I will address this with social media resources. I am frustrated and getting more upset as time passes.

After 50 years of my family shopping with Sears, I will say this is the first time I am truly disappointed with their treatment. Sears used to be so much better.

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