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I did not know how else to get this to you. March 4, 2015 SanMar Corp – Marty Lott Founder email address

Kelli  sent a message to Marty Lott Founder and President, Sanmar Corp. that said:

I did not know how else to get this to you.March 4, 2015SanMar Corporation nTo whom it may concern: I am writing this letter in response to the allegation’s that have been brought against me, and caused me to be unjustly terminated. First allegation: An incident that happened at the Hilton Garden Inn, where I was accused of using profanity and caused a scene due to my dinner not coming out in a timely fashion, is completely false. What actually happened was, there were three of us at dinner, the other two people received their meal but I did not get mine. After 15 minutes the waiter came to see how we were doing, I asked the waiter where my BLT was, the waiter informed me that he had forgotten to turn in my order, and was very apologetic and said he would get on it right away. Shortly thereafter, the manager John came over to see how everything was and asked where my dinner was, I informed him about what happened and he apologized and said he would take care of the meal for me since it took so long getting out. I explained to him that it was not necessary, but he insisted. In light of this allegation I have called back to the hotel and spoke with John, he remembered that incident and said that he would be willing to call or write a statement to SanMar stating that this is not what happened. He said that he remembered me being polite and non-confrontational. Second allegation: I was at Pikes Market at a Tee Shirt shop and said to the owner Ben that I could get shirts cheaper then what he was selling them for, because I worked at SanMar. This is completely false. This is what actually took place. I stopped at Pikes Market at Random Promotions looking to buy a souvenir tee shirt for someone back home. I asked for a 3xl which they did not have in stock. At that time the owner Ben came over and said we can make that shirt in a 3xl. I placed the order for the shirt and the screen printing that I wanted on it. He told me it would be ready by next weekend. After careful consideration I told him that I was here on training with SanMar and I was not 100% sure if I would be able to make it back to Seattle the following weekend, and I did not want him to be stuck with the tee shirt. I explained to Ben that I owned and operated a screen printing and embroidering business for 9 years and that I know what goes into making one shirt and it can be costly. So at that time I canceled the order. He understood and he gave me one of his business cards in case I changed my mind. I called Ben since I had his card and asked if he remembered me from the order that I was going to place. He said “yes” he did. I explained to him what complaints were being made against me and what I was being accused of. He said that was not at all what happened and that he would be willing to make a call or to write a statement to SanMar on what took place. Third allegation: Racism I don’t even know where to begin with this accusation. This accusation hurts me the most. I have never in my life been a racist, and I am teaching my children the same. I am an AMERICAN INDIAN and I have a wide range of friends and associates from different walks of life that know and love me. For you to tell me that in any way I hurt someone’s feelings about their nationality hurts me the most. I did go to get a pedicure and I had nothing but good things to say about this establishment. Back at the dining room at the hotel my associates asked about my pedicure, and I recommended they go there; it was clean, friendly and affordable. Anything that was said beyond that would be a complete fabrication. During the time that I was contacting the above people to get a true and just statement to back up the allegations that were made against me. At no time did I say anything derogatory against SanMar or anyone else. I am completely taken back that I am being terminated by false accusations and not given the opportunity to be heard. I have been terminated over lies and feel that SanMar should have given me the chance to tell you the truth of what really happened. I remembered what Marty said at one of the training days “Be Nice and Be Truthful you learn it in kindergarten” and that is what I have always been. Your careful re-consideration of this matter would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Kelli

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