I don’t know if you will read, let alone see, this email. If you do – Michael J Ward email address

Kathelene sent a message to Michael J. Ward – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CSX Corporation – Email Address that said:

I don't know if you will read, let alone see, this email. If you do, I want you to know about this crossing in my neighborhood. This is a rather large neighborhood and there used to be two entrances to get in. CSX/Nissan destroyed one entrance and we have no idea why or what they are doing. EVERY SINGLE DAY, your trains stop over the only entrance, thus obviously block our way to get to our homes. Yesterday, I waited 45 minutes then just turned around to find another way in. I had to make a loop and it was TEN miles to get back to the other side of the track to get home. I called about it and the nice man tried to explain why they stop, but I don't care. I don't care because of the grief it causes all of these people who are backed up 20 cars in each direction. It's becoming a road hazard, as cars have to pull over on the side of the road to wait for the train and trying to get out of the way of upcoming traffic going 60 mph. It has been going on for years, only to get worse and worse each day/month. Supposedly, the conductor was waiting for clearance to proceed, but c'mon! I bet if YOU sat there for 45 minutes or longer, you wouldn't be pleased either. This crossing is on Florence Road in Murfreesboro, TN. and the entrance they closed off is on Singer Road. Had that Singer road entrance been opened, there would be no worries, but since you've destroyed it, we are stuck. Please fix this issue soon...it's been way too long a problem!! Thank you, Kathelene

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