I don\'t know who else to contact. I\'m trying to get my W2 for 2017 – Jonas Prising email address

Ralph Ohlsen sent a message to Jonas Prising Chief Executive Officer of ManpowerGroup Inc. Email Address that said:

I dont know who else to contact. Im trying to get my W2 for 2017, I have requested it 3 times to Christine Hudson and Nicholas Zatezalo, they were my contacts when I worked for Manpower. I realize that you are the CEO, I thought if you send them a message, they may respond.

I worked for you guys early in 2017 and was assigned at Ciox in Alpharetta. I havent received my w-2 as of yet and was hoping that you can help me get it. I tried signing into peoplenet.com, it said that since Im not currently assigned, I would need to contact the agency.

your help is appreciated,

thank you,

Ralph Ohlsen


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