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I feel I owe a debt of gratitude to your organization for all that has been done to help our world prosper resulting from your great ideas, hard work, and invention that you have demonstrated over the years. I have always been interested in the fast food industry and feel that your contribution to society has led in the direction of helping people prosper and fulfill their dreams. Most of all yourself and your company have created a better world. The reason I am writing today is because I feel I would like to demonstrate quality workmanship and help my team prosper in their own dreams. I would like to demonstrate what it means to succeed and the achievements that can be accomplished in their own work environment. What I would like to do is create a menagerie with the successes of your company. What I would like to ask for today is your personal autograph so I can put together a bulletin for my guys to show them what they can achieve. I have done all the research and purchased photographs already at this point I just need your personal stamp of approval by ways of your signature to add the finishing touches to this project. Again, I would very much appreciate your cooperation and look forward to hearing, meeting, or writing with you in the future. I realize that you are a busy individual and probably do not have a great deal of time to meddle in matters such as this but I am grateful. My name Is Ryan Schenk and I own Schmels pizzeria. My address is 607 David Avenue, Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin 53085. Take care and have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

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