I got a dent on the right door of my car and i came to – Carlos Ghosn email address

Ankur Mishra sent a message to Carlos Ghosn Chairman and CEO, Renault Email Address that said:

I got a dent on the right door of my car and i came to your service center to repair it because it is in under insurance.
Now today when i came to receive my car at your service center i saw that my cars rain wiser was removed and i asked them to please put this rain wiser at the right place then they replied to me that we dont have double tap to fix it and service center person refer me to show room by saying that we donot work on accessories part you will have to go to show room after arriving at your show room they also replied me the same.
When i insist that why both of you are not able to fix my rain wiser they told me that we donot have double tao to fix your rain wiser.
Now i just want to ask you a very simple question that when you are not abel to buy a doyble tap even you donot have the proper staff to attend the customer then why you opened your show room.
Now i m very upset and right now i am regretting about my decision of purchasing renault car.

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