I had been with American Family for 7 years, age 18-25, which I stayed on – Jack C Salzwedel email address

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I had been with American Family for 7 years, age 18-25, which I stayed on my moms policy to get us a better deal. This last December I purchased a new car, and was told that since I no longer lived at my moms address that I would need my own policy. Fine. So Feb 01 I called around to start comparing insurance prices, as I told my price was a high. On Feb. 01 2016 I called and canceled my car insurance through American Family, and started a new policy with Safeco Insurance. This was a big confusing task for American Family agents, mainly Lauren Greenland agencies, as I continued to receive my MOMS BILL in my name. Between my mom and I we had to call American family 6-10 times to explain who should be charged for the car insurance. (As you can look up all of our notes from calling) Two weeks ago I received a letter in the mail stating that I had a bill in collections. I called American Family after hours and talked to a gentlemen that told me I just needed to send proof of insurance for the month of Feb, and that will cancel out my bill that was in collections, because for some reason American Family did not cancel in until March. This gentlemen told me I could go to the nearest American Family to my home to send over the proof of insurance that they needed. June 13 I went to the agency close to my home, and the lady sent over the proof, along with an email to Lauren Greenland; since she was unable to get a hold of her via phone. Today, June 23 I still have not heard anything back about this "debt" that will be on my PERFECT credit report in just a few weeks! 2 weeks later and I havent heard a status update, I feel it is an justifiable time frame to call and see what the status is on my "debt". I call Greenland agency and deal with a lady who has no idea about customer service. She has an attitude and repeatedly tells me that there is a lot of notes for billing, and a lot of people have been trying to figure this out. She informs me she will call and verify my insurance, and let me know the update. Ten minutes later I get a call back and she informs me that the paper is still stuck in processing and how I will still owe money in the end either way for 10-12 days. I ask her to double check that mom was not over charged, as they had us mixed up in billing until APRIL/MAY! She tells me mom would have to call about that. I say "okay" and start to vent about how this will be on my credit report soon if not figured, and how frustrating this whole situation is! This agent tells me, "well if you would have came to OUR office and not contacted or dealt with so many different people then this wouldn't still be going on! AND because I didnt that this is on going mess!!" (Making me out to be the blame for company not being able to make a simple change, for a company not having all the employees on the same page!) EXCUSE ME!!? An agent in cooperate TOLD ME to go to the nearest office to submit proof! She then tried to hang up on me!!!!!! I said, "excuse me so when will I hear something back!? Monday?" She told me, "She didn't know. Okay? Bye." I said, "WAIT!! (trying to catch her before she rudely hung up on me!) Is there someone else I can talk to?" She tells me, "you involving more people slows this down, but cooperate would be who would need to talk to." I say, "okay can I have their number?" "No, but I can transfer you." So I agree to that, wait on hold for 20 mins to who I think is cooperate, and then find out its American Familys 1-800 number!!!
I switched my homeowners insurance over today after that stunt. How unprofessional in the agency and this company?!?? I would never recommend them to anyone, and I am appalled that they talk to their customers like this! I am a manager in retail, and I can tell you this is not excepted at my work, and as big American Family is I would help that they handle this situation. I will continue to go above and beyond until I am contacted by someone who is higher up. This is VERY unprofessional. This lady left me in tears after the way she spoke to me and making me out to be the blame. And the lady who I spoke to after sitting on hold for 20 mins could even hear that in my voice. I wish to be contacted with some answers, and hope that no other customer is ever treated this way by American Family Insurance Greenland agency!

Thank you,

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