I had purchased a Sony TV in May 2014 from – Kazuo Hirai email address

A Banks sent a message to Kazuo Hirai President and CEO, Sony Corporation – email address that said:

I had purchased a Sony  in May 2014 from Kohinoro Electronics, Dadar wherein after installation I had made various complaints regarding the display of the set being abnormal. However, during the warranty period the Sony technicians did not do anything about the same dispersing the case by saying that this kind of display was normal in Sony.

Shockingly, Sony's technician visited my place today as I had a made a complaint for display again. I was told that the panel needs to be replaced. You will appreciate the fact that I have paid a huge amount of money for this set and the set is barely two years old, it seems that I was given a defective set and my complaint was dispersed without any resolution during installation and now I am being asked to pay for a new panel which is totally unfair. This shows the poor service rendered by Sony and also the sub standard quality of their products. At this juncture, I would also like to mention that I have even purchased 6 sets of 55" Samsung sets in the past and till today there has never been a service or product issue in the same.

In light of the above, I would request you to get my Sony set repaired without charging me or charging me a minimal amount considering that there was always a display issue with the set which Sony had refuted.

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