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I have attached an email sent to your uk CEO 4 days ago. As you – Lee KunHee email address

Sophie sent a message to Lee Kun-Hee Chairman, Samsung – email address that said:

I have attached an email sent to your uk CEO 4 days ago. As you can see we supplied a whole host of contact details. Therefore you can imagine my frustration and deep upset to have not even recieved and acknowledgement. I find the whole situation and contact with your organisation contemptuous in the extreme, seeing as we are one of the small consumers that have made Samsung electronics so successful. I am hoping by contacting you, I can hope that this arrogant and contemptuous attitude is not something that permeates from the top down. I hope to at least hear from someone in your organisation as a matter of some urgency.

Thank you for your time.

Best wishes


Dear Mr Jo,

I am writing to you regarding a tablet we purchased in May 2015.

We purchased a Samsung product, on the basis of personal experience over many years, and expected the same durability and reliability in this product.

The tablet has now, for the fifth time, become reluctant to charge, and is unusable in the manner in which we intended, as a portable device for my disabled wife.

I feel, that having had the device repaired four times previously, having been directed by your 'customer support team' back to PC World, that quite frankly enough is enough.

The service offered by PC World is..........adequate, but we have spent over two months without the device, whilst it is, allegedly repaired.

To this end I contacted your "customer support team" obviously outsourced from the UK. Sadly, their tickets boxes do not cover dissatisfied customers, as their initial response was, " Go back to PC World".

I explained at length, that my issue was with Samsung now, as I had given the retailer adequate opportunity to effectively repair the device, and make it fit for purpose, and their stock response is to send it for repair.

It was at this point my frustration increased, at it felt I was actually conversing with an automaton, who was about to short curcuit. I requested the details of your offices in the UK, a contact telephone number, and your name.
This information appeared beyond their comprehension and it seemed that there was a group discussion on how to handle this angry customer.

The solution initially was to lie. Tell me there were no contact details for your office, or a telephone number, it was just the number I called.

Having been called out on that, during the group discussion I "Google'd" Samsung UK CEO, so I was able to now furnish them with the information, it was decided a shouty supervisor was a good bet.

Having to shout myself to get myself heard, over her reading her autocue, was a great customer experience. However, she did eventually suggest she escalate my issue, with customer relations. A different department, with no telephones, no contact details, that would come back to me in 5-7 days to assist me. It was all going so well, until she said there wouldn't be anything they could do either. Good policy, lead fed up customers up the garden path, only to waste some time.

It all finished very badly, hence me now writing to you.

All I want is a replacement tablet. One of merchantable quality, fit for purpose, which my disabled wife can use reliably. Not the timeshare thing we have now. I also want to feel like a valued customer, one who isn't lied to, shouted at, or made to feel worthless. I don't think any of these things are thar hard to achieve.

I believe, that in light of a known issue with the charging and battery storage on the Galaxy Tab 4, we researched it, its all out there you know, and the device having been "repaired" numerous times, and still presenting faults, it's time for you, the manufacturer, or its UK subsidiary, to step up, and sort this out.

Please don't make me a further addition to the ever growing list of angry dissatisfied customers, that your customer services team seem intent of alienating and upsetting to the point of loosing our business.

I await your response upon receipt.



Written on a Samsung Galaxy S2. (You get the idea, we are "Samsung People")


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