I have banked with Charter one since 2005 and I have around $35,000 with – Saun Bruce W Van email address

Amy sent a message to Saun Bruce W Van  Chief Executive Officer, Citizens Bank RBS Citizens€“ Email Address that said:

I have banked with Charter one since 2005 and I have around $35,000 with your bank. I was treated so poorly at your Stow, Ohio location today by your manager, Paula, that I am withdrawing and closing my account this week. I went to the bank today to make a deposit and the male teller,  made three errors. He counted my money wrong, deposited my money in the wrong account and then to fix it was going to deposit $100 less that what he should have. he could not even do basic math. When this took so long, the line got long. I wanted to do another transaction, he then told me to step aside so he could clear the line and he would be back with me. There were two female workers, Paula and some one else not helping at all. When he saw me complain to my husband that why we had to wait all over again, he then got Paula. When I said why did I have to get back in line and that he made errors. She yelled at me and was so rude and instead of apologizing she said it was his first day. she put her hand in my face and just was rude. I left and did not complete what I went in there for and this week I plan on closing my savings and this month my checking. I asked for Paula's boss and she said she did not have one that she is the boss. It is Bank 800 and Branch 682. I understand the teller is new and people make errors. But, I will not accept the way the manager chose to deal with it and the way I was spoken to and she is why I am leaving the bank.
Thanks for your time. I used to work at a bank and I work in a hospital and customer service can make or break an organization and Paula is not an asset to your team and she should be demoted.

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