I have been a customer since 2003. On 8/1I applied for the special offer on – James Meyer email address

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I have been a customer since 2003. On 8/1I applied for the special offer on the speaker deck and radio. I aassembled it on a stand in one of my living rooms. The speaker box would not play using electricity only by batteries. I took out the speakers dock, placed the radio on the small dock , to be used elsewhere if I wanted to, and it played. The power cord was not the problem so it must be something in the speaker, as it plays if I wanted to use batteries. I called 855-238-9256 #3 spoke to Margaret. She walked me through assembling it, which i followed. Finally I told her I did all of that I was at one time an IT manager. She contacted warranty, while I was on hold, she came back told me they were sending replacements and it would take 5-7 work days, which is today. I called Friday asking for a tracking # so I can follow its status. She called warranty, on hold again, came back told me it wasnt shipped yet? If not shipped by Friday how would I receive it by Tuesday? I have spoken to many nice people, put on hold, dropped lines and promised by a manager in warranty this morning after being transferred to 3 other people. I have spent 7 hours on hold or speaking to someone with no success. Adam kept trying to put me on hold, I told him I have had 3 massive heart attacks, terminal stage esophageal/stomach cancer and I had a doctor appointment in 45 mins. finally @ 11:30 PST I said I have to go. He said he would check things out call me back within 2 hours? He said he can get replacement to me in 3-5 days.
I told him NO, it should be shipped overnight if Sirius wont pay for the mailing I would and I was dissapointed of him being a manager with authority, he should have offered over night!! He never had the courtesy to call me. I,after getting home, called explained and was put on hold told I have documented your file Im transferring you where they will see what has been going on but call dropped again ,I called again spoke to a young lady who did not have any idea for my call. After 15 minutes I told her I was done calling, speaking very nice people but no results. After managing in a Fortune 500 company, I think I am Qualified to say this is poor customer service, no one documents and no one feels empowered to just get it done. Every manager under my supervision I empowered them to make any decision they needed to best service our customers. There are no wrong decisions, I told them if I review felt it could have been handled differently we discussed it. I used it for a learning experience . I do not know what to do at this point. I am not going to cancel a service I have enjoyed to 2003. If you knew me, you would know it took a long period of my time (7 hours) to raise this to your level. I am at a doctors appointment at 7 AM PST for a series of bloodwork. Not an experience I would never would have with SiriusXM. I appreciate your time have a Blessed Day.

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