I have been a loyal customer of GameStop for years. As a mother of a – J Paul Raines email address

Lynne sent a message to J. Paul Raines – Chief Executive Officer of GameStop Corporation – Email Address that said:

I have been a loyal customer of GameStop for years. As a mother of a teenage boy, we are always in your stores buying the latest games. We purchase all of gaming supplies exclusively from your stores. I have always been treated fantastically from your staff. Until last Friday, October 21st. I went into your Lynn MA store to purchase Battlefield. I had forgotten my GameStop credit card but did have two valid forms of ID. I also had two major credit cards to back up my identification. I do not usually go into your Lynn MA store because other stores are closer. I explained the manager that I had ID but not my GameStop credit card. He refused to look it up for me so I could purchase the game on it. He was very rude and belligerent, stating he had 'no idea who I was and maybe I stole the id's'. I was embarrassed by his accusation. His demeanor was rude, arrogant, and disrespectful. When I told him I've had other stores look up my card he stated "I don't care - go there then". I left, went to the Salem MA store, was treated wonderfully and purchased my game. This is the first time I have ever been treated rudely by any of your employees. I feel the need to contact you with this information because he could have stated it was against policy or something instead of accusing me of being a their right from the beginning. I feel his behavior is contradictory to your stores. Thank you for your time.

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