I have been a loyal Macy’s customer for over 40 years and in several U – Terry J Lundgren email address

Gail sent a message to Terry J. Lundgren- Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Macy’s, Inc.- email address that said:
I have been a loyal Macy's customer for over 40 years and in several U.S. states. I have shopped at Macy's even though there is sometimes a better deal at one of the internet sites. However today that changes. I went to Macy's to buy Caphalon pan sets for gifts. The sale price is $49.99 against the non-sale price of $99.00. I picked up 2 sets and found that the sale price is a "reserve" price and I can come back to the store on 1/27/16 (3 days later) to pick them up otherwise pay the full price. I told the sale folks no thanks, went home and ordered 2 sets from Amazon at the sale price. They will be at my home in 2 days. What's the deal with this"reserve" now policy. I'm not having it. Macy's is losing another loyal, many years, customer. It's easier and sometimes cheaper to buy on line. Very disappointing and I wanted you to know. I hope this message gets to you.

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