I have been a Macy’s customer for several years. I pay my bill on time – Terry J Lundgren email address

Linda sent a message to Terry J. Lundgren- Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Macy’s, Inc.- email address that said:

I have been a Macy's customer for several years. I pay my bill on time or early, yet Macy's decided to draft funds from my Bank Account without authorization . I had made a payment ( more than the minimum) on my account early. My account was showing no payment due, however, Macy's decided to withdraw the entire balance of my account. Not only did they drafted the entire balance of the account but drafted more funds than were owed on the account. This might have been a honest error on Macy's part but it couldn't happen at a worse time of year. I am a Great Grandmother and this has placed me in a precarious position right at Christmas. When I contacted customer assistance after being run around over 45 minutes on the phone , I was told they will refund my money but I must wait up to 13 business days. This was after I was told that I must submit some form to Macy's. This is just wrong!!! It is bad enough they strip my bank account before Christmas, then they tell me I have to wait for my money until after Christmas to be reimbursed. Wow great customer service Macy's ! Maybe I should post this on FACEBOOK and and let people see what the real miracle on 34 street is.


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